Terms & Conditions

A contract between you and Docklow Pools will come into existence when payment is received, and a booking confirmation is issued showing the confirmed holiday dates. 

The contract binds you & all the members of your party. It is your responsibility to ensure that all members of your party accept the terms of the contract set out in these terms & conditions of booking. 

Failure to disclose all relevant information or comply with these terms may lead to termination of the contract & loss of the booking with any financial consequence being picked up by the you the customer.

New for 2024

  • Fishing Cost changes
  • £1 coin meters 
  • Gas & Electric from September to May holidays 


  • Docklow Pools accommodation is for adults only.
  • Which in definition means guests of 18 years +.
  • (Under 18’s anglers are welcome to fish with an adult on a day ticket basis but cannot stay as a resident).
  • No children under 18 years old are allowed in the cottages.
  • Maximum party size is 6 guests. This is the grand total.
  • We do not offer big groups regardless of how separate bookings there are.
  • Docklow is a quiet peaceful place. We like to keep it that way.
  • Two social groups booked in separate names can still be one party playing games to gain entry. 
  • We do not accept liability for any damage/injury or loss to any person of your party or any vehicle or possessions unless it is proven in court that we are responsible.
  • Thieves will be prosecuted, and the Police involved.
  • Weekly holidays are Saturday to Saturday – 7 days.
  • Any other arrangement is priced under our short break scheme.
  • Docklow Pools reserves the right to refuse a booking.

Named Guest 

  • The named guest on the paperwork is responsible for:
  • The conduct of their party
  • Sharing paperwork including fishing rules with all party before arrival
  • Any debt or damage caused by their party.
  • Outstanding accounts
  • Bad debts or unnecessary damage will be followed through by our solicitor.

Maximum party six of 6 people

  • Even if split into other bookings we work to no more than 6 people.
  • If it transpires groups of more than 6 people have booked falsely and mislead Docklow Pools, the holidays will be cancelled, and no monies refunded. 
  • Plus, won’t be coming back.
  • 6 is the limit regardless of how many separate bookings are made.
  • We are not a “large” group venue.

All Male parties can stay in:

  • The self-catering fisherman lodges (weekly only)
  • Farmhouse Rooms (weekly only)
  • A selection of one, two or three-bedroom cottages (short break & weekly options available).
  • We keep specific properties just for couples and ladies to ensure Docklow Pools has the right balance of people on site.

Fishing Responsibilities (see Rules section):

  • We ask all anglers to read the up-to-date rules
  • It is forbidden to use ground-bait or barbed hooks – We will ask anglers to pack up and leave if caught using.
  • Rules are in place to keep us a happy, clean business protecting our stock as it protects us.
  • Day ticket covers Mickey Mouse, Moby Dick & Figures of Eight lakes only.
  • A membership scheme is available to regular visitors.

Property Care

  • Our Home
    • This property is privately owned and is our home. 
    • We expect all guests to enjoy the facilities and treat the property with the same respect that they would with their own house.
    • All damage or breakages caused by a guest will be charged.
    • Excessive cleaning which has been caused by guests leaving a property in a standard other than they found may be charged.
    • We may check the property during the stay.
    • Please remove shoes before entering the house.
    • We reserve the right to enter our property at any time to undertake essential maintenance or for inspection purposes.
  • Cleaning
    • The property should be cleaned and returned to us clean.
    • Self-catering also means bringing your own cleaning materials.
    • No Fishing Tackle in Properties. Completely forbidden.
    • All fishing tackle and bait must be kept in the tackle lock ups.
    • Strictly no Fishing bait to be kept in the cottages including fridges.
  • Smoking
    • There is a strict no smoking policy in all properties.
    • Do not tamper with the smoke/heat alarms. 
    • We reserve the right to make a charge if this policy is ignored.
  • Pets

o   No pets on the beds or in bedrooms

o   General

o   Please make sure you switch off lights, heating, or any electrical appliances when you go out.

o   No compensation will be given for any temporary interruption of electric, gas, water, access, or tv service.

o   All inventory must remain in the property and not to taken to another property.

o   Missing items such as tin openers and batteries all will be charged.

o   We do not allow guests to sleep on sofas or bring blow up beds. 

Property Departure expectations

  • We expect guests to clean property before departing.
  • Do not leave washing up.
  • Return keys.
  • Dispose of all rubbish and empty fridges
  • Bins are behind tackle shop.

Short Breaks are:

  • Minimum 3 nights – usually from April to Mid-October
  • Available on specific properties only as stated from April to October
  • Two short break options
    • Weekend – Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    • Mid-week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Vehicle damage

  • Cars are parked at owners’ risk. CCTV is in operation around the farm.


  • Not big fans of BBQs – they encourage gatherings and noise in our experience. 
  • We allow one BBQ a week per cottage.


  • We ask all guests and residence to refrain from bad language across & around the pools.
  • Also, in public areas such as the bar & restaurant. 
  • We want people to have a good enjoyable time without spoiling it for others.
  • Banned – ban applies for life.

Do not come back… Never to be seen at Docklow again

  • 1 person in a party falls foul of the following, everyone goes:
  • Poor behaviour including noise after hours etc.
  • Money – not pay bills or trying to catch us out. Dishonesty. 
  • Poor relations – Moaning, Negative Social Media comments, causing trouble, high maintenance. 
  • Cottage damage or excessive cleaning – tackle or bait in cottage. Smoking in cottage.
  • Poor fishing standards – barbed hooks, fish mistreatment, no landing net, leaving rods unattended etc.
  • Litter

Towels & Bathmats

o   We do not supply towels or bathmats. Bathmats are considered a risk.

Cancellations & Changes:

  • All Payments are non-refundable in all circumstances after the 7-day cooling off period unless covered by Docklow Pools Holiday Protection.
  • The customer should raise any concerns or problems immediately to Docklow Pools.
    • Delayed communication may result in us being unable to help.
  • 7 Day cancellation notice
    • has a 7-day cancellation period from the date of the first payment received should they change their mind. 
    • Monies will be returned in full if cancelled within 7 days of first payment.
    • After the 7-day cooling off period then no monies can be refunded.
  • Please do not book a holiday unless you are 100% sure you can attend.
    • Customers should ensure dates requested work.
    • Customers should always consider their wellbeing and their parties health before entering a financial contract like booking a holiday. 
    • Docklow Protection can help if purchased with deposit
  • If a holiday is cancelled because of known ill health, and this leaves Docklow Pools out of pocket, that cannot be fair.
  • Docklow Pools recommends all guests to take travel insurance.
  • Docklow Pools now offers a Holiday Protection arrangement.
  • All customers need to consider the worst-case scenario for a cancellation – death, injury, pandemic, illness, finances, and health.
  • Docklow Pools suggests strongly that customers consider their financial impact of cancelling a holiday through no fault of Docklow Pools, where no refund will take place.
  • Should one member of a group cancel their share – the booking is still expected in full.
  • Holidays are sold per cottage not per person. 
  • There are no “provisional bookings” – it is either booked and a deposit is paid to secure, or it is not booked.
  • All cancellations must be notified in writing. 
    • If you cancel your holiday more than 2 months before it is due to start, then your deposit & monies paid will be forfeit. 
    • If you cancel less than 2 months before the holiday, then the full balance remains due and is not refundable.
  • After 7 days of payment, we cannot change the holiday to another property or date unless Docklow Protection in place.

Holiday Payments

o   We work to two transactions (maximum) to pay a bill. 

o   A Deposit & then a balance payment

o   No multiple payments

o   Online Banking

o   We would be very grateful if you can pay this method, please. 

o   We do not expect people to go to the bank. Merely use home internet banking.

o   Worth dropping us an email so we can keep an eye out for it.

o   Ensure you always put the ref on the transaction.

o   Traditional Cheques - Payable to “Docklow Pools Ltd”

o   Debit cards - Office hours apply.

o   Credit Cards - We do reluctantly take them, but they are crazy expensive.

o   All holidays are to be paid in full two months before arrival date – date shown on 1st page of this document.

o   Late payments apply – see late payments. The responsibility to pay on time is with the customer. 

o   The two-month rule supersedes the 31st of January arrangement. 

o   So, if you are arriving in January, February or March be aware of this request. 

o   A deposit is expected minimum of £100 per property per week within seven days of the booking being made.

o   Deposits for roll over bookings are requested in November for a final date of deposit payment 31st January.

o   If you are not coming, do let us know by 31st December at the latest. 

o   There are no deals. It is the price as shown – all payments are banked.

o   All payments are subject to VAT which is included in the price. 

o   This applies to everything Docklow Pools sells – Holidays, fishing, restaurant etc.

o   If the customer is worried that they cannot attend, for whatever reason, please always keep Docklow Pools involved so we can plan and work together. 

o   Do not delay telling us. 

Confirmation of transactions

o   All payments are confirmed in writing. 

o   Email preferred because of post issues.

o   If you do not receive a confirmation of payment within 7 days of paying, do get in touch.

o   Docklow Pools is subject to the Royal Mail reliability if address and post code is correct. 

o   Prefer an email as it is easy to show when it has been sent.


Docklow Holiday Protection

  • For 2023 holiday customers we are offering the opportunity to protect your holiday should you need to change or cancel even at last minute notice.
  • We have found in recent years, there have been many issues where customers have had to cancel through no fault of their own.
  • With this assurance customers have peace of mind that should something unexpected come up, the holiday can either be moved to another date, or in the sad event of death the monies will be refunded in full.
  • A lot of holiday companies run with a “cancellable” rate, and this is intended to be similar. The difference being, is considerably cheaper than elsewhere. 
  • The protection is £25 per specific holiday. 
  • Holidays without this protection will follow the standard Docklow Pools Terms and Conditions which are issued from booking outset.
  • An annual £100+ vat is available for customers with multiple holidays.
  • If you’d like to protect your holiday, please ensure you apply and pay when you organise the holiday deposit. 

Docklow Pools Holiday Protection - Terms & Conditions

o   Customers have the option to purchase the protection within 7 days of bookings. 

o   It is unavailable to purchase thereafter after the 7 days has lapsed.

o   Specific customer names are required.

o   In the event of a claim the specified holiday can be moved to a later date for the same value 

o   Specific dates and properties in future years cannot be guaranteed.

o   Refunds will only apply in the sad event of death.

o   Upon unique circumstances other than death where a refund is the best for all parties we may consider a refund, providing this cover is in place.

o   In the event of customers sharing, should the cottage be used then the protection will not be paid. 

o   E.g., Two customers sharing a cottage, 1 cannot make it because of illness yet the other member still wants to come, because the cottage is being used there is no protection. 

o   Should the cottage become unattended and not needed, then the protection will pay out.

o   The holiday invoice must show specifically the holiday is covered for this protection. 

o   The protection cover cannot be transferred.

o   The protection cannot be refunded after 7 days of purchase.

o   There are no health or age restrictions. All specified customers are covered.

o   The annual protection runs 1st January to 31st December. 

o   The protection covers Docklow Pools holidays only – doesn’t cover long leases.

o   After 7 days of payment, we cannot change the holiday to another property or date unless Docklow Protection in place.

Late Payments

  • Are subject to a fee to cover administration chasing outstanding balance.
  • Are bad news to Docklow Pools. It puts us in an uncomfortable situation and in the most cases are totally avoidable.
  • Holidays to be paid in full at least 2 months before arrival.        
  • If payment is late and not been advised to Docklow then the charge is £50 per phone call per property per week.
  • New Holiday bookings
  • Deposit required within 7 days of booking. 
  • If nothing forth coming holiday will be removed. 
  • There will be no acknowledgement of cancellation. 
  • Rolled over requests from previous year.
  • Written to remind by Docklow Pools in November – deposit last date is 31st December 2021
  • If nothing received the holiday again will be cancelled
  • Courtesy - If the holiday is not required, or there is a concern, do the right thing, and tell us. 

Fishing payments

  • Fishing Prices have changed for 2024 – first time in nearly 10 years.
    • Prepaid fishing:
      • £40 for a weekly rod permit covers lakes and rivers (Non-Major Bill)
        • Weekly ticket covers up to 2 rods. 
      • £60 for a weekly Major Bill Ticket (covers Major Bill only with 2 rods)
      • Combined Weekly ticket for all lakes is £90. 
  • Paid in advance.
    • If purchased upon arrival, see welcome team not with the tackle shop.
  • Everyone pays for fishing – there is no free fishing.
  • Holidays
    • Weekly holiday customers Paid Separately – as it works out cheaper.
    • Short breaks – includes single rod fishing. 
      • Does not include the Major Bill Lake or double rods.
  • Please pay all fishing before arriving unless you intend:
    • fishing matches, joining the membership or want to buy day tickets. 
  • The Major Bill
    • The Major Bill Lake is only available to prepaid weekly ticket only. 
    • Its only reserved when payment made.
    • The Major Bill fishing is £60 for the week. 
      • That covers the Major Bill only. 
    • Guests looking for one afternoon or day will need to purchase a Major Bill ticket.
    • Guests looking to fish other lakes and Major Bill will need to purchase two tickets.
  • What ticket shall I buy?
    • If you – DON’T fish open matches, then get a weekly ticket (you can still fish the residents match)
    • If you – ONLY fish matches just pay match fees. 
    • If you – want to do a bit of both, pay the daily entry of the match you want to fish then get a day ticket from the shop on the day you wish to pleasure fish.

Cancellation Information - because of a Lock Down &/or COVID 19

  • National Lock down
    • We will again support all customers like we did in spring/summer 2020.
    • We will offer the choice to refund or move the monies to a later date.
  • Local Lock down
    • We will contact you immediately.
    • Monies will be offered to be refunded or moved to a later date.
  • Your local area locking down.
    • Ultimately, we will try and help and move genuine arrangements to a later date.
    • Monies will not be refunded.
  • General
    • All customers need to consider the worst-case scenario for a cancellation – death, injury, pandemic, illness, finances, and health.
    • All customers have a 7 Day cancellation notice should you change your mind.
    • The customer must take responsibility when booking a holiday in a Pandemic.
    • There is a chance the holiday may be cancelled through no fault of Docklow Pools
    • COVID 19 has been known to the UK since February 2020, so this is not something new. 
    • Customers must make their own decisions if they should attend.
    • Docklow Pools Holiday Protection will cover Covid 19 cancellations.

Pets - New 2020 rules involve payment of dogs, and breeds allowed.

  • The weekly dog fee is now included in to the weekly 
  • Specific properties which we allow dogs into are:
    • Bramble, Honeysuckle, Severn & Teme
  • What we don’t allow:
  • Docklow Pools reserve the right to suspend or cancel a holiday if one of these breeds attends.
  • What we do allow:
    • Dogs must be kept on a lead always – no exceptions. Please think of others on holiday.
    • Friendly quiet dogs can enter the bar & coffee shop but not the restaurant. 
    • Pet properties are for dogs only – no other animals or birds allowed. 
  • Accommodation
    • Pets should not go into the bedrooms. 
    • Keep animals clear of the beds please.

Farmhouse Accommodation customers

  • From 2023 Farmhouse accommodation is sold “Room Only”
  • There is no breakfast included in your stay.
  • All food and drink are to be paid for.
  • Regular visitors will notice the price is less than the previous years.
    • This allows guests to enjoy what they want now for breakfast.
  • Breakfast from 8am every morning 
  • Available every morning 
  • Sunday morning which is 8am to 10am

Fisherman’s Arms - Restaurant & Bar

  • April to October
    • In season, the Fisherman’s Arms is open daily:
      • Mornings, every lunch time, and evening 
      • Seven Days a week
      • Food is available until 9pm. 
      • Drinks until 11pm
  • We are: 
    • A quality pub serving homemade food. 
      • Menus can be found on our website before your visit.
  • We are not a fast-food business.
  • Five-star Hygiene rating 
  • We have a great reputation shared with locals and residents. 
  • We will never turn you away but be prepared to wait if you do not book a table.
  • Sunday is a fantastic all-day carvery.
  • Out of season opening Restaurant openings:
    • Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings, and Sunday lunch time unless otherwise advised.
  • Please make team aware of any food allergies if necessary 

What do you need to bring?

  • NRA fishing license 
    • is a sensible thing to start with, as occasionally water bailiffs do walk our waters. 
    • Docklow does have our bailiff checking hooks and baits etc. 
  • Towels – 
    • We do not supply towels for any cottage or lodge resident.
    • Farmhouse guests have towels.
  • Padlocks – 
    • Only applies to Farmhouse rooms, Sheep Pen, Dairy, Treetops, Stable & Dovecote cottages. 


We do not supply:

o   Hand, bath & tea towels.

o   We do not supply towels or bathmats (considered a slip hazard)

o   Fans – if there is a heat wave.

What we supply & the cost to replace - BreakagesMissing Items, or damage - priced accordingly

o   Bed linen - £50 min

o   Bed – Individually Priced.

o   Bottle Opener - £10

o   Cereal Bowl - £5

o   Cheese Grater - £15

o   Chopping board – £20

o   Drinking glasses - £5

o   Egg Cups - £3

o   Frying Pan - £30

o   Lost Keys – see Lost keys.

o   Mattresses – TBC Est £250+

o   Microwave -Individually Priced

o   Mugs/Cups - £10

o   Plates £15

o   Saucepan £20

o   Smoke alarms - £100

o   Spatula £10

o   Spoons, Knives and Forks - £5

o   Tin Opener £15

o   Towels (B&B customers) - £20

o   Washing Up bowl £10

o   Wine Glasses £10

o   Work surfaces – Individually Priced.

Tackle Sheds and Lock Ups

  • All properties have a tackle shed (including the farmhouse bed rooms)
  • No tackle and bait to enter any cottages, lodges, apartments, or rooms. Lock ups are provided for a reason. 
  • There are no bait fridges in the lock up, yet fresh bait is sold in the shop daily in the summer.
  • Guests supply their own pad locks. 
  • A list of padlock properties below:
    • Farmhouse rooms 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
    • Dairy & Sheep Pen
    • Treetops
    • Dovecote 
    • Stable
  • Property left in a lock is left at the customers risk – including damage caused by vermin.


Gas & Electric

  • Gas
    • Non-Chargeable – 1st April to 30th September 
    • Chargeable – 1st October to 31st March
  • Electric
    • Chargeable - Some of cottages have electric meters and some do not. 
    • Everyone pays for electric whether it’s by meter or inclusive.


Following properties have electric meters:

Lodges – Ash, Beech, Elm, Holly, Oak, & Sycamore




Dairy & Sheep Pen

Dippers Bridge



Gable End

Heron Heights



Jim’s Retreat


Mallards Nest


Pheasant Roost




Swallows Nest

Swan Drift


Valley View



  • Car charging or other electric vehicles
  • Electric covers cottages usage only
    • Does Not include charging Electric Cars or vehicles.
    • Talk to us first in that instance and we can charge accordingly.
    • We hope to have a electric car charge point by the spring of 2024
    • Electric Car Points - Nearest official charging point is Etnam Street Leominster, HR6 8AE.
    • You can charge here using our electric, but it must be agreed with the office first. 
    • All extra electric use must be paid for by the customer.

Recycling & Waste disposal (New for 2020)

  • This is very important to us. We now recycle glass, food, paper & plastic.
  • Plastic, tin, glass, and paper is to be separated by the customer. That includes fishing litter.
  • The old system of one bag for everything has now finished.
  • Dog poo is to be disposed in to the red “Dog poo” bins within a sealed bag.
  • We cannot dispose of old fishing equipment or BBQs or anything unrelated to Docklow Pools customers will need to take those items home or take to the local tip in Leominster. 
  • If you leave it here, we will charge you for disposal.

Risk Assessments

  • Any guests stay at Docklow Pools at their own risk.
  • Falls & Trips
    • Wet or damp surfaces including fishing banks are your own risk.
  • The Fisherman’s Arms
    • It can be dark when leaving at night. 
    • Customer’s responsibility is lighting is not adequate for their needs.
    • There are stone steps at the front of the building, and an alternative exit is available without steps at the rear.
  • Cottages can have slippery floors.
    • We do not provide bathmats as they are a slip hazard.
    • Shower trays are standard – customers need to be aware.
  • River stretches – 
    • visit at your own risk. The banks can be slippery, uneven and steep. 
    • Be careful if fishing alone.


  • In Season (April to October) Saturday arrivals:
  • Official arrival time is Midday to 4pm
    • Please do not check in until at least midday. 
  • Keys will be collected in the coffee shop.
    • If you want a chat and refreshment, you can find us in the coffee shop on a Saturday. 
    • All guests are welcome to come early on the day of arrival, fish or relax in the bar & restaurant. 
    • Our housekeeping/cleaning team start at 8am with the intention of completing the task by 2 pm. 
  • Before Midday - Do not enter – property even with keys in door before midday are not ready or checked. 
  • Late arrivals, Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday arrivals 
  • We do not have an arrangement to consider Sunday or Bank holiday Monday arrivals.
    • We can work to the next available working day as the earliest alternative.
  • Arriving after 5pm are difficult for us. 
    • Option to leave key with bar team in opening hours is available.
    • If you are going to be late (after 5pm) kindly let us know and we will decide to save you rushing. 
  • Mid-week arrivals:
    • We will arrange with you to collect the key and necessary information. 
    • Office is open 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.
  • Out of season 
    • Arrivals will be confirmed together when booking is made.


  • Time
    • Departure by 10am 
    • Expectations/Must do’s:
    • Dispose of any rubbish, clean up and leave property in a fine condition.
    • Return the property back in the same condition as you received it. Standard cleanliness & courtesy.
    • Extra cleaning will be charged this year.
    • No washing up to be left.
    • Bins emptied – dustbin compound behind shop.
  • General
    • Report and pay for any damages.
    • Key in the post box outside the office – lift the lid. 
    • It is the post box nearest the door.


  • Quick Questions other than fishing….
  • WIFI – Is there WIF in the properties? - Bar offers free WIFI, so farmhouse residents have WIFI.
    • There is no other Wi-Fi at Docklow
  • Dogs – can I take my dog in the pub? Yes, in the pub, no to the restaurant.
  • Fridges – Does the fridge have a freezer? No, because cottages are not used every day, freezers, even fridges with freezer compartments can unreliable.
  • Do you have Sky tv? – No sorry. It is a cost issue, but Docklow & Fisherman’s arms bar is about quiet times.
  • Shop – Do you have an onsite shop? How far away is the local town? – there is no food shop on site. Leominster is 4 miles away and has 3 supermarkets amongst lots of independent shops. Coffee shop sells drinks to take away.
  • Dishwashers - Not in all properties - Only found in – Waters Edge, Waters Side & Streamside
  • Washing Machines - Only found in – Mr Crabtree’s & Wind in the Willows cottages.

If I can help in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me either via email, info@docklowpools.com or office hours on Tel:01568760256

Find us on for both Docklow Pools and the Fisherman’s Arms. Facebook also.


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