Terms & Conditions

Fishing Rules are all available on our website www.docklowpools.com

Holiday Payments

  • All holidays are to be paid in full two months before arrival date – date shown over leaf
  • The responsibility to pay on time is with the customer.
  • The two-month rule supersedes the 31st January arrangement.
    • So, if you are arriving in January, February or March be aware of this request
  • There is no “Pay on the day” arrangement
  • A deposit is expected to be paid of £50 per person per week, minimum of £100 within seven days of the booking being made.
  • Deposits for roll over bookings are requested in December for a final date of payment 31st January
  • There are no deals. It’s the price as shown – all payments are banked
  • Prefer two transactions maximum
    • a deposit and a balance payment.
    • Please avoid more than 2 payments – we aren’t set up for more than 2.
  • All payments are subject to VAT which is included in the price
  • This applies to everything Docklow Pools sells – Holidays, fishing, restaurant etc.

Late Payments

  • Late payments are subject to a fee to cover administration chasing outstanding balance
  • Late payments are bad news to Docklow Pools. It puts us in an uncomfortable situation and in the most cases is totally avoidable
  • Late fees are:
    • 1st occasion within a week or an agreed delay – no late fee
    • £10 per phone per property per week after due date.
    • Any delay more than 7 days - £50 late

Fishing payment

  • Suggest paid in advance
  • Fishing payments made in advance will benefit from the prepaid rate
  • If purchased upon arrival it is now with the welcome team not with the tackle shop
  • Cancellations:

  • All customers have a 7-day cancellation period from the date of the first payment received should they change their mind.
  • Deposit returned in full if cancelled within 7 days of deposit payment.
  • Please do not book a holiday unless you are 100% sure you can attend
  • We recommend all guests to take travel insurance
  • Holidays cancelled less than two months before arrival may still be charged full rate if the holiday is not sold.
  • We recommend all guests advise us immediately if they cannot attend so we can assist and are fully aware of how it effects both yourself and Docklow Pools
  • We want to help if we can
  • All Payments are non-refundable.
  • However, we will always try and help rebook a holiday if ample time is given so both guests and Docklow Pools do not lose out.
  • If a holiday is moved to a later date because of exceptional circumstance, the new date must be before 1st April the following year. 1st April is cutoff date (subject to availability)
  • This is subject to an admin/arrangement charge of £50
  • Payment Methods

  • We work to two transactions (maximum) to pay a bill
  • A Deposit & then a balance payment
  • You’re welcome to pay in one hit
  • No multiple payments
  • Online Banking
  • We’d be very grateful if you can pay this method please
  • Ensure you have the new bank account number (not the old)
  • Worth dropping us an email so we can keep an eye out for it.
  • Ensure you always put the ref on the transaction
    • Sort Code 20-39-64
    • Account Number 23042561
  • Traditional Cheques
  • Payable to “Docklow Pools Ltd”
  • Debit cards
  • Office hours apply
  • Credit Cards - We no longer accept credit cards for holiday payments
    • Credit card payments slipping through the net will incur a charge of £10 to cover the costs implied to us by our card pdq provider.

    Confirmation of transactions

  • All payments are confirmed in writing.
  • Email preferred because of post issues.
  • If you don’t receive a confirmation of payment within 7 days of paying do get in touch.
  • Docklow Pools is subject to the Royal Mail reliability if address and post code is correct.
  • Our postage cost is nearly £10,000 per annum, so for you not to receive anything is costly and frustrating for us too
  • Fishing Information

    Fishing Costs

  • Everyone pays for fishing.
  • Please pay all fishing before arriving unless you intend fishing matches, joining the membership or want to buy day tickets
  • The Major Bill lake is only available to prepaid weekly ticket only
  • Fishing continues to be if paid before arrival with either deposit or balance payment:
    • Prepaid fishing:
      • £30 for a weekly single rod permit
      • £40 for a weekly double rod permit (Non-Major Bill)
      • £50 for a weekly Major Bill Ticket (covers everything with 2 rods)
  • Fishing paid at arrival
    • £35 for a weekly single rod permit
    • £45 for a weekly double rod permit (Non-Major Bill)
    • £70 for a weekly Major Bill Ticket – not guaranteed to be available- (covers everything with 2 rods)
  • Day tickets are £6 a day and cover day ticket pools only.
  • What ticket shall I buy?

  • If you – DON’T fish open matches, then get a weekly ticket (you can still fish the residents match)
  • If you – ONLY fish matches just pay match fees on the day
  • If you – want to do a bit of both, pay the daily entry of the match you want to fish then get a day ticket from the shop on the day you wish to pleasure fish
  • Matches

    Many of our guests come to “pleasure” fish and we`ll never really move away from that (hence why it’s maximum of 6 in any party) – we aren’t a big match venue but have one match a day to appease match and non-match anglers. For non-match anglers, this means more space on the remaining lakes.

    All matches are organized by shop - Docklow Tackle – Telephone 01568760 544

    From April to Mid-October they are:

    • 1. Saturday – OPEN match - £15
    • 2. Sunday – OPEN match - £15
    • 3. Monday – Residents only Knock Up- £10
    • 4. Tuesday – Match lake for residents (Draw is Monday evening in bar)
    • 5. Wednesday – OPEN match £10
    • 6. Thursday – OPEN match £10

    There may be a match on a specified pool each Monday and Friday depending on numbers. Again, check with shop. All matches are a 9.30am (change from last year. Gives time to have your breakfast) draw apart from resident’s match which is drawn on a Monday evening. Please note - There are no Private Knock Ups (Finished in 2016) – with a match almost every day there is no need for it.

    Membership Scheme

    A Membership scheme is recommended if you’re a regular visitor.

    • It starts at just £70 for the year. (Over 65’s is just £50 per season.)
    • Renewal date is up until April annually. Concessions available for seniors, Partners etc.
    • If you’re coming more than a week makes sense – ask for details
    • Covers all lakes except Major Bill
    • Membership is dealt with face to face with the shop

    Fishing Rules

    General Rules – All Lakes

    • Thieves will be prosecuted – all fish must be returned to the lake they were caught immediately
    • Regardless of Nationality all anglers are expected to read the rules BEFORE fishing.
    • Responsibility of all anglers to abide by the rules
    • No night fishing (Except Major Bill)– All anglers to pack up an hour before dark
    • Litter louts will be banned. Please leave facility clean and tidy. Dust bins behind tackle shop
    • Keep Docklow quiet and peaceful – no shouting or swearing across the lake. Radios on low
    • Cars must always be left on the car park .
    • No cars to be taken around the lakes

    River stretches

    • Non-day ticket or matches – River members or weekly permit residents only
    • Please call shop to book in, so we can work in harmony with the local farmers
    • No litter or leaving gates open or inconsiderate parking
    • Directions & parking pass given out at arrival. Deliberately kept private
    • Suitable for abled bodied individuals.
    • Wye is at Rotherwas Chapel (HR2 6LD) & Lulham (HR2 9JP)
    • Teme is at Tenbury Wells (WR15 8NH)
    • Lugg is at Bodenham (HR1 3JZ)
    • Broadwas Teme is WR6 5NE

    Matches/Knock Ups:

    • Separate silver and carp nets preferred.
    • 5-hour match maximum so the fish can be returned as quickly as possible.
    • Use weighing mats where possible, please don’t tip fish onto a hard surface.
    • Docklow Pools matches are run by Docklow Tackle 01568760 544
    • There are no private knock ups after 2018.

    Fishing Rules Specifics

    Rules are written by Simon Bozward. Questions call him on 01568760544

    All lakes
    • No keep Nets (apart from matches)
    • Barbless hooks only
    • No elasticated feeders or fixed rigs
    • Surface fishing with a pole or “zig rig” only
    • Fishery Feed pellets only
    • You can use your own hook pellet
    • No cat meat, Ground Bait (includes method mix), Nuts or Paste
    • All anglers must have a landing net (land all fish 4” with it) and an applicable EA License

    Major Bill Rules

    (Slightly different to above)

    • Private lake for Major Bill members & residents who’ve bought a weekly ticket only.
    • 7-acre Lake. 16 Pegs available – Residents must pay their £50 before arrival to guarantee a peg
    • No match tackle i.e. poles, match rods etc. Or air guns
    • Barbless hooks only
    • No Nuts
    • No fixed rigs.
    • No use of sacks or nets to retain fish
    • No leaving during darkness
    • Fluro-carbon, mono or coated hook lengths only
    • Bivvies’ should be attended. No reserving pegs.
    • No live baiting or removal of any fish.
    • Any Pellet allowed on the Major Bill.
    • Minimum 42” landing net without exception because of the size of the fish
    • Unhooking mats – Must be large enough to deal with big Catfish, and preferably of the poly ball variety.
    • Maximum of 3 rods total.

    Tackle Shop

    Tel: 01568760544.

    • Be aware of Seasonal opening.
    • In season Opening times 8am to 2pm daily. (Saturday to 4pm).
    • Winter opening times vary
    • Shop organises Matches and Opens. Fresh bait is available every day. Ask for details.
    • As the shop supplies, other local waters there maybe items stocked that cannot be used at Docklow.
    • Please be aware this is a separate business to Docklow Pools run by Simon Bozward

    Lakes & Rivers

    All lakes are manmade. Average 3 to 5 feet deep. Clay bottom.

    • 1. Farmer Jack
    • a. 45 pegs. Used for matches at the weekend and on a Thursday.
    • b. Best for carp & some silvers
    • c. Good access – own car park

    2. Figure of Eight

    • a. Relatively small lake.
    • b. No matches. Day Ticket pool for everyone
    • c. Great for all sorts including silvers and carp
    • d. Own car park – good access

    3. Major Bill

  • a. 16 pegs but 7 acres.
  • b. Private for weekly tickets only & small membership
  • c. Cats go 70lb+. Grass to 30lb. Some carp over 30lb but mostly doubles and some twenties
  • d. Predominately a catfish lake with plenty of double figured carp
  • 4. Match Pool

  • a. Most popular lake here.
  • b. 30 pegs.
  • c. A machine of a water. Catching in all weathers
  • d. Lots of double figure carp.
  • e. Own car park – good access – right by log cabins
  • 5. Mickey Mouse

  • a. 30 pegs oldest and most beautiful lake, been around since 1972.
  • b. Stocked with everything.
  • c. Spring fed water – great for mixed bag
  • d. Good access
  • 6. Moby Dick

  • a. Original doubles lake. Similar to the Mickey Mouse
  • b. 30 pegs.
  • c. Carp to 20lb but heavily stocked with quality silvers
  • d. Own car park and good access
  • 7. Railway Lake

  • a. Used for caravan residents and guests staying “Streamside, Lily Pond, Waters Edge, Waters Side”
  • b. Full of Tench and mixed bag
  • 8. River Lugg

  • a. New addition to 2016.
  • b. Ideal for grayling style fishing. Private stretch
  • c. Trotting style wader fishing
  • 9. River Teme

  • a. Tenbury Wells - Speight Wild River. Two-mile stretch. Lots of pegs but can be tricky to get to. Good parking. Barbel, chub and grayling
  • b. New for 2016 – Broadwas, Worcestershire – brilliant access and fishing for Barbel & chub. We own the field so good access although some steps to get to riverbank
  • 10. River Wye

  • a. Two stretches at Lulham & Rotherwas
  • i. Rotherwas
  • 1. Best stretch of Wye for miles! – 2-mile stretch.
  • 2. Own car parking – 5-minute walk
  • 3. Blue badge individuals speak to Jonathan
  • 4. Brilliant piking, barbell, chub, big bream even carp options
    • ii. Lulham
      • 1. Park by river side
      • 2. Has 8 pegs – 4 easy – 4 hard
      • 3. Slow flow but full of Barbel
  • 11. Snake/Canal

  • a. Designed with pole anglers at maximum 13 meters in mind
  • b. Fabulous access.
  • c. Drop your kit off behind you – park up
  • 12. Bridge Pool

  • a. Small lake as an extension to snake
  • b. Full of mixed fishing.
  • c. Good access
  • 13. Stock Pool

  • a. Originally this was a stock lake in 1980.
  • b. Heavily stocked with F1s & Ide but a few surprise lumps are about
  • c. Own car park
  • 14. Tench Pool

  • a. Tench mostly stocked from 2lb to 7lb (few rogue perch about).
  • b. Hard going but rewards are there to be had
  • c. Great access – own car park
  • d. 8 pegs
  • Pets

    New 2020 rules involve payment of dogs, and breeds allowed

  • The £30 weekly dog fee is now included in to the weekly & short break price
  • An annual £100 dog owner ticket is available for regular visitors – max 2 dogs
  • Eight specific properties which we allow dogs into:
    • Clover, Bramble, Snowdrop, Mistletoe, Primrose, Honeysuckle, Severn & Teme
  • Docklow Pools doesn’t not allow “yappy” animals – dogs that bark or yap consistently which would disturb another guest. Please don’t bring a yappy dog.
  • We regret that the following breeds are no longer allowed at Docklow Pools:
    • Pit Bull —American Staffordshire Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bully.
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Rottweiler
  • Owners unsure please check before attending
  • Docklow Pools reserve the right to suspend or cancel a holiday if one of these breeds attends.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead always
  • Friendly quiet dogs can enter the bar & coffee shop but not the restaurant.
  • We no longer allow cats or birds on site
  • Terms & Conditions


  • Docklow Pools accommodation is for adults only.
  • Which in definition means guests of 18 years +.
  • (Under 18’s anglers are welcome to fish with an adult on a day ticket basis but cannot stay as a resident).
  • No children under 18 years old are allowed in the cottages.
  • Maximum party size is 6 guests
  • We don’t offer big groups regardless of how separate bookings there are.
  • Docklow is a quiet peaceful place. We like to keep it that way
  • We do not accept liability for any damage/injury or loss to any person of your party or any vehicle or possessions unless it is proven in court that we are responsible
  • Thieves will be prosecuted, and the Police involved
  • Weekly holidays are Saturday to Saturday – 7 days
  • Any other arrangement is priced under our short break scheme
  • Docklow Pools reserves the right to refuse a booking
  • Named Guest

  • The named guest on the paperwork is responsible for:
    • The conduct of their party
    • Sharing paperwork including fishing rules with all party before arrival
    • Any debt or damage caused by their party
    • Outstanding accounts
    • Bad debts or unnecessary damage will be followed through by our solicitor
  • Short Breaks are:
    • Minimum 3 nights – usually from April to Mid-October
    • Available on 10 properties only as stated from April to October
    • Minimum 2 nights’ options on limited properties usually from Mid-October to Mid-March
  • All Male parties can stay in:
    • The self-catering fisherman lodges (weekly only)
    • Farmhouse bed & breakfast (weekly only)
    • A selection of two or three-bedroom traditional cottages (short break & weekly options available).
  • Fishing Responsibilities (see Rules section):

    • We ask all anglers to read the up to date rules
    • It’s is forbidden to use ground-bait or barbed hooks – We will ask anglers to pack up and leave if caught using
    • Rules are in place to keep us a happy, clean business protecting our stock as it protects us.
    • Day ticket covers Mickey Mouse, Moby Dick & Figures of Eight lakes only.
    • A membership scheme is available to regular visitors

    Property Care

  • All fishing tackle and bait must be kept in the tackle lock ups.
  • Fishing bait & equipment must not be kept in the cottages including fridges under any circumstances
  • There is a strict no smoking policy in all properties.
  • Do not tamper with the smoke/heat alarms. We reserve the right to make a charge if this policy is ignored
  • All damage or breakages caused by a guest will be charged
  • Excessive cleaning which has been caused by guests leaving a property in a standard other than they found may be charged
  • We may check the property during the stay.
  • Property Departure expectations

  • We expect guests to clean property before departing
  • Don’t leave washing up
  • Return keys
  • Dispose of all rubbish and empty fridges
  • Vehicle damage

  • Cars are parked at owners’ risk
  • CCTV is in operation around the farm
  • General
  • Not big fans of BBQs – they encourage gatherings and noise in our experience.
  • We allow one BBQ a week
  • Behavior

  • We ask all guests and residence to refrain from bad language across & around the pools.
  • Also, in public areas such as the bar & restaurant. We want people to have a good enjoyable time without spoiling it for others
  • Banned – ban applies for life
  • Bed & Breakfast customers

  • Breakfast from 8am every morning(Give to 8.15am ish to get organized), every morning until midday, except Sunday morning which is 8am to 9am.
  • Complimentary breakfast includes these arrangements only:
    • Full English or Small English or, sandwich, beans on toast, Toast, Cereals, Tea & Coffee, Orange juice
    • Variances of breakfast not included in bed & breakfast price and will be charged. E.g. Eggs benedict. Pancakes.

    Fisherman’s Arms - Restaurant & Bar

  • April to October
  • In season, the Fisherman’s Arms is open daily:
    • Mornings, every lunch times and evenings
    • Seven Days a week
    • Opening times are 8am through to 2pm and evening from 6pm. Saturday from 5pm
    • Food is available until 9pm.
  • We are:
    • A quality pub serving homemade food.
      • Menus can be found on our website before your visit
    • We aren’t:
      • A fast food business
    • W have earned Five-star Hygiene rating
    • We have a great reputation shared with locals and residents
    • We’ll never turn you away, but be prepared to wait if you don’t book a table
    • Sunday is a fantastic all-day carvery
    • WIFI is available free of charge in the bar & restaurant area.
    • There is no other WIFI on site
    • Out of season opening Restaurant openings (November to March):
      • Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings and Sunday lunch time unless otherwise advised
    • Please make team aware of any food allergies if necessary
    • What do you need to bring?

    • NRA fishing license is a sensible thing to start with, as occasionally water bailiffs do walk our waters.
      • Docklow does have our bailiff checking hooks and baits etc.
    • We supply bed linen but not hand, bath & tea towels.
    • Towels supplied in Farmhouse Bed & Breakfast only
    • We don’t supply towels or bathmats
    • Tackle sheds and Lock Ups

    • All properties have a tackle shed (including the farmhouse bed & breakfast)
    • No tackle and bait to enter any cottages, lodges, apartments or rooms. Lock ups are provided for a reason.
    • There are no bait fridges in the lock up, yet fresh bait is sold in the shop daily in the summer.
    • Guests supply their own pad locks (this applies to B&B, and some traditional style cottages only. Specifically shown below in key property information)
    • Gas & Electric

    • April to October we do not charge for gas usage.
    • Electric
    • £1-coin meters apply to Traditional style cottages.
      • Not Premier
    • Most meters are still operated by a £1-coin meter (new style)
    • Cottages with electric meters are shown on their individual page on website.
    • New for 2020 - Recycling & Waste disposal

    • We now recycle glass, food, paper & plastic
    • Customers are asked to dispose of their rubbish & waste appropriately
    • Plastic, tin, glass and paper is to be separated by the customer
      • That includes fishing
    • The old system of one bag for everything has now finished
    • Food needs to be placed in the biodegradable bags provided.
    • Dog poo is to be disposed in to the red “Dog poo” bins within a sealed bag.
    • Our costs and instructions to remove waste these days are very length.
    • (Docklow Pools pays over £4,000 per month on rates without the bins being emptied)
    • A further £600 per month is paid to collect waste under very strict & specific terms.
    • We can’t collect any old fishing equipment or anything unrelated to Docklow Pools anymore – customers will need to take those items home or take to the local tip in Leominster.
    • Other Facilities

    • 110 acres of countryside to walk.
    • Coffee Shop from 8am.
    • Entertainment –Tuesday and Fridays we have a singer in the bar.
    • Snooker & Pool Room.
    • Wi-Fi is available free of charge in the bar during opening hours. There is no other WIFI facility here.
    • Woodland walk
    • Arrival & Departure (Change for 2020)

      In Season (April to October) Saturday arrivals:

      • Official arrival time is 11am to 2pm
      • Please don’t check in until at least 11am allowing guests time to check out properly.
      • All guests are welcome to come early on the day of arrival, fish or relax in the bar & restaurant.
      • A member of our team will be more than happy to make you a tea and coffee whilst you’re waiting in our coffee shop
      • Our housekeeping/cleaning team start at 8am with the intention of completing the task by 2 pm.
      • We aim to have your holiday started as soon as possible so as a guide looking at between midday and 2pm.
      • Check in, is in the Coffee shop.

      Late arrivals, Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday arrivals

    • We don’t have an arrangement to consider Sunday or Bank holiday Monday arrivals
    • We can work to the next available working day as the earliest alternative
    • Arriving after 3pm are difficult for us.
    • Option to leave key with bar team in opening hours is available
    • If you’re going to be late (after 3pm) kindly let us know and we’ll decide to save you rushing.

      Mid-week arrivals:

    • We’ll arrange with you to collect the key and necessary information.
    • Office is open 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

      Out of season

    • Arrivals will be confirmed together when booking is made
    • Departures

    • Departure by 10am
    • Return key to office team before departing.
    • Dispose of any rubbish, clean up and leave property in a fine condition.
    • Quick Questions other than fishing….

    • Age restriction - Can I bring someone under 18 years old? To visit for the day yes. But not to stay
    • Dogs – can I take my dog in the pub? Yes, in the pub, no to the restaurant.
    • Fridges - Does the fridge have a freezer? No, because cottages aren’t used every day, freezers, even fridges with freezer compartments can unreliable
    • Do you have Sky tv? – No sorry. It’s a cost issue but really Docklow & Fishermans arms bar is about quiet times.
    • Shop - Do you have an onsite shop? How far away is the local town? – there is no food shop on site, as we have food available and a fishing tackle shop. Leominster is 4 miles away and has 3 supermarkets amongst lots of independent shops
    • WIFI

      Is there WIFI in the properties?

      Bar offers free WIFI, so farmhouse residents have WIFI

      If I can help in any way please don’t hesitate to contact me either via email, info@docklowpools.com or office hours on Tel:01568760256 Find us on for both Docklow Pools and the Fisherman’s Arms. Facebook also.

  • Request a Brochure

    Fill out the form below, click send and we mail you a printed brochure containing all our holiday information.

    Docklow Pools Map

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