Major Bill

16 pegs

Double rod ticket holders only

Our largest Lake, at approximately 7 acres with a large island in the middle. It’s a really beautiful pool, with trees all around. Lovely and peaceful. 16 pegs.

This is a non-day ticket pool, with only 20 members in its syndicate; predominately it’s a resident’s pool. Night fishing is allowed for guests and members. A great pool if you’re prepared to put the hard work in, the results will come.

An exclusive pool for residents with double tickets and major bill members only.

Not currently taking any new members however a winter ticket is available from October to March.

The Major Bill lake was named after Montys staff Captain who lived in the village of Docklow. A bit of a character…. and so is this lake!

It can be hard work but put the time in and your efforts can be rewarded.

The pool is known to have:

Docklow Pools Map

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