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Let me introduce myself and my family and the wonderful delights of Docklow Pools to you.

I am Mike Bozward, and together with my wife Josie, sons Jonathan and Simon, the staff and Ellis the dog, we have established Docklow as one of the countries first, and finest still water fisheries!

The Bozward family have been at West End Farm (as it was then known) since 1971 when it was a working farm, and our first fishing pool, the Mickey Mouse (day ticket) was dug out at a time when bed and breakfast at the farmhouse was £1 a night!. . .how times have changed.

We take pride in the hard work and endeavour that followed, we expanded the pools over the years, listened to what anglers and their families wanted from us, and in 1980 we converted what was a derelict barn into our first cottage accommodations. . .Mill, Cosy and Poolside.

The farm soon became known as Docklow Pools and the sheep and the cows gave way to what we have today. . .a fantastic fishing, fantastic food and most importantly fantastic FUN!

I hope you enjoy browsing through our web site and finding out what Docklow Pools can offer you and believe me, there is so much to discover here! My family and I look forward to welcoming you on your arrival and ensuring you have a great time with us here at Docklow Pools. Enjoy your stay and TIGHT LINES.


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